Top 20 Websites For Health & Medical Information

Here’s a collection of the 20 most popular health websites that could help you to live in a healthier lifestyle, ask a doctor online, lookup detailed medical information, or shop prescription drugs online.

1. is the official website of National Institutes of Health, which is undoubtedly an authority source that provides health information for the public, patients and experts.

2. is the official website of CDC( Centers for Disease Control and Prevention ).

3. WebMD


WebMD is the most popular health and medical website that offers health information including prevention, disease, health care, healthcare, drug information, diet, weight loss, cancer, diabetes, etc.

4. HealthTap


HealthTap is a question and answer website for you to ask health and medical related questions online and get answers from over 30,000 U.S.-licensed doctors without cost a dime.

Alternative to HealthTap: Healthcare Magic

5. Walgreens


Walgreens is the largest drugstore chain in America, allows you to buy drugs online. It also sells health products in the following categories: pharmacy & health, personal care, medicines and treatments, Vitamins & supplements, sexual wellness, diet & fitness.

6. LiveStrong is a website that offers food, drink, diet, nutrition, fitness, skincare, sports and weight management tips to both men and women to help them to live with a healthy lifestyle.

7. Mayo Clinic

Mayo Clinic is a not-for-profit medical practice and medical research group based in Rochester, Minnesota, specializing in treating difficult cases (tertiary care)( source: ).

On its website you can request an appointment online or through telephone, find the biography of a doctor, or browse health information( Diseases & Conditions, Symptom Checker, Drugs & Supplements, Tests & Procedures, Healthy lifestyle, etc. ).

8. Care2

This is a community to discuss health and green living related topics online.

9. MyFitnessPal

MyFitnessPal is a website to help you to lose weight with calorie counter, diet and exercise plan.

10. Mercola offers health articles, medical news, videos, and newsletter from Dr. Joseph Mercola.

11. Weight Watchers lets you lose weight with weight loss plans developed by experienced professionals.

12. Everyday Health

Another website that offers health information, health news, and health resources.

13. offers prescription drug information and patient information online, there’re over 24,000 drugs in its drug database.


The official website of US Food and Drug Administration, it provides information of foods, drugs, biologics, veterinary, cosmetics, etc.

15. Yahoo Health

Yahoo Health offers health information including: mens health, womens health, childrens health, health care, wellness, diet, fitness, mental health, weight loss, anti-aging, etc.

16. MedicineNet

MedicineNet offers health and medical information and images ( e.g. prescription medications, food and drug interactions, symptoms and signs, drug side effects ) produced by doctors.

17. CVS

CVS is a pharmacy chain in America which has more than 7,000 stores. allows to refill, transfer and print prescriptions online, or browse the drug information for free.

18. All Recipes

This is a website for recipes and cooking tips, on it you can find health recipes, and low fat, low calorie, low carb & low sodium menus.


An online drug store to purchase prescription drugs, vitamins, personal care products and more items online.

20. Men’s Health Magazine

The men’s guide to fitness, food, health, muscle building, weight loss, nutrition, sex, lifestyle, etc.