Top 20 Free Online File Sharing Websites

To share a file with your friends, it’s a good idea to upload it to a file sharing website and tell your friends the download URL of it. Here’s a look at the top 20 free online file sharing services:

1. WeTransfer

WeTransfer - send large files online

WeTransfer is a decent file sharing system that lets you send large files( maximum: 2GB ) to your friends online, no registration required.

Global rank: 1695.

2. DropBox

DropBox - online file backup and sync service

DropBox is the most popular online file backup and sync service, it can also be used to publish and share files with anyone.

Global rank: 126.

3. SendSpace

SendSpace - share file online

SendSpace enables to upload and share files anonymously, no registration required, it has a clean and easy to use user interface.

Global rank: 1000.

4. SkyDrive

SkyDrive - online file sharing website

SkyDrive is an online hard drive provided by Microsoft, any files inside it can be shared with other people.

Global rank: 7.

5. Google Drive

Google Drive

Google Drive enables to store files online safely and share files with collaborators.

Global rank: 1.

6. DepositFiles

DepositFiles - File Sharing Service

DepositFiles allows to share large files up to 10GB, no sign up required.

The registered users could upload files with FTP programs, or upload files from remote servers.

Global rank: 180.

7. Yandex Disk

Yandex Disk - free online storage

Yandex is the largest search portal in Russia, Yandex disk is a free file storage service that lets you store and share files online with your computer or mobile device( iPhone, iPad, Android ).

Global rank: 5166.

8. - secure online file storage is a secure online file storage that supports HTTPS connection, with it you can access, host and share your files from anywhere.

Global rank: 1412.

9. Ubuntu One

Ubuntu One - Free File Sharing Site

Ubuntu One is an online cloud storage that enables to host your files online, optionally, it allows to share files and folders online with anybody.

Global rank: 1215.

10. MediaFire

MediaFire - Free Online Storage

MediaFire is a free cloud storage for everybody, it provides each registered user 50GB of storage space, you can host any type of file and share it via a link or email.

Global rank: 101.

11. 4shared

4shared - Free File Hosting and Sharing Site

4shared is a popular file hosting and sharing website that lets you store your files, video, music, images, books, games and archives in the cloud and access them anywhere.

Global rank: 115.

12. Amazon CloudDrive

Amazon CloudDrive - free cloud storage

Amazon CloudDrive offers each users 5GB of free online storage to store and share documents, photos, videos, etc.

Global rank: 10.

13. RapidShare

RapidShare File Sharing

RapidShare offers free users unlimited storage space, and allows to upload data of any file size.

RapidShare will transfer you files with the SSL connection, which will encrypt your data with the AES_256_CBC encryption.

Global rank: 210.

14. - Free File Sharing Service

After registration, you can upload files from your computer or a remote server by specifying their URLs. supports transferring files with FTP software like FileZilla.

Global rank: 213.

15. Zippyshare

Zippyshare - free file hosting and sharing site

Zippyshare is a free file hosting and sharing service, with it users could upload, share and download any file online without sign up.

Global rank: 563.

16. HotFile


With this free file sharing application, you can share large files up to 400MB online with ease.

Global rank: 672.

17. RyuShare

RyuShare - free file sharing website

With RyuShare you can upload files up to 400MB and share them on other websites without need to register.

Global rank: 1413.

18. Filefactory

Filefactory - file sharing site

Yet another file sharing website that enables to sign up with your Facebook, Twitter or Google account and upload up to 50 files of any type at a time.

Global rank: 1609.

19. - Online File Sharing Website

With you can upload and share multiple files and a piece of text online anonymously without registration, only those who have the key could access them.

Global rank: 1906.

20. 2shared

2shared - Free File Sharing Service

After registration, you can upload a file up to 200MB to and share it with others.

Global rank: 1739.