Top 15 Sites To Find And Download Free Cool Icons [Search Tricks]

To beautify your desktop or website with wonderful icons, you can either find and download icons in .ICO or .ICNS format directly with icon search engines, or fetch high resolution PNG images with transparent background using general search engines and convert them to icons for Windows or Mac manually.

1. DeviantART

Search, Find and Download Free Cool Windows Icons, Desktop Icons and Vector Icons

Deviantart is the best online community for artists and designers with over 15 million members, you can find tons of high quality wallpapers and icon sets on deviantART. For example, Windows icons, website icons, vector icons, fruit icons, Windows wallpapers, etc.

Once you downloaded a package from Deviantart, you might need to resize, crop or touch up your pictures with online image editors, and create Windows/Mac icons from PNG images with free icon creators.

2. IconFinder


IconFinder is the most well-known icon search engine, it allows users to search through 234,626 free icons or browse over 1000 icon sets.

3. Google Images

Google Images

Google Images allows to search free icons in any file format, To narrow down the search result, you can hit the “Advanced Search” menu item and set the file type to PNG or ICO.

To find vector icons, simply include .EPS( or .CDR , .AI, etc. ) in your search criteria, for example, fruit .eps.

4. Yandex Images

Cool Icons Search Engine

Yandex is the largest search engine in Russia, is the english version of, it’s a perfect alternative to Google, Yahoo Search and Bing.

Using Yandex Images to find free icons is easy as pie, for instance, searching with the keywords camera icon will list 821 thousand images, lots of them are PNG images with transparent background, making it easy to create Windows/Macintosh icons from them.

5. Find Icons

Find Icons

This site lets you access over 410,185 impressive icons, simply specify your search criteria and click “Search”, then you can filter the search result by icon size, icon style, license type, color, etc. Each icon can be downloaded as PNG, ICO, ICNS, JPEG, TIFF, BMP, PSD, EPS, GIF, TGA or SVG format.

6. Icon Archive

Icon Archive

Icon Archive is a popular icon search engine that lets you search through 386,209 free icons in 1,794 iconsets and download your favourite ones in ICNS, ICO or PNG format.

Icon Archive supports multiple filters: License, Style, Category and Size.

There are 45 categories available: Adobe Icons, Alphabet Icons, Animal Icons, Apple Icons, Application Icons, Art Icons, Avatar Icons, Buildings Icons, Business Icons, Ca, rtoon Icons, Christmas Icons, Computer Icons, Culture Icons, Drive Icons, Easter Icons, Emo Icons, Flag Icons, Folder Icons, Food Icon, s, Funny Icons, Game Icons, Halloween Icons, Hand-Drawn Icons, Holiday Icons, Kids Icons, Lifestyle Icons, Love Icons, Media Icons, Medical Icons, Mini Icons, Mobile Icons, Music Icons, Nature Icons, Object Icons, People Icons, Photographic Icons, Places Icons, S, ci-Fi Icons, Social Network Icons, Sport Icons, System Icons, Technology Icons, Transport Icons, TV & Movie Icons, Vintage Icons.

7. Bing Images

Bing Images

Similar to Google Images, Bing Images lets you find cool icons in PNG format from all over the Web, just search strawberry png to browse and download strawberry images and convert them to Windows / Mac icons in a snap with free online icon generators.

8. Iconspedia


Iconspedia will help you find and download your desired icons, if you like a certain icon, you can navigate to the author’s site to find more cool stuffs.

9. Webtoolhub


WebToolHub icons collection allows to download over 100,000 icons submitted by different designers, it allows to set the size range and background for preview( transparent, white or black ), the icons can be downloaded as ICO or PNG format.

10. Veryicon


Veryicon is a useful icon search engine that allows to search icons or icon packs in the following categories: Animal, Application, Art, Avatar, Brands, Business, Cartoon, Culture, Emoticon, File Type, Flag, Folder, Food & Drinks, Game, Hardware, Holiday, Internet & Web, Kids, Leisure, Love, Media, Movie & TV, Nature, Object, Phone, Photographic, Sport, System, Transport.

For each icon, you can download it as .ICO, .ICNS or .PNG file.

11. Icongal


There’re 365,669 icons on Icongal presently, you can either browse roughly 2,000 icon sets in its gallery, or search for a certain kind of icons related to your search keywords.

Icongal enables to filter the search result based on image size and license type, and download icons in PNG or ICO format in different sizes: 16×16, 24×24, 32×32, 48×48, 64×64, 72×72,96×96, 128×128, 256×256, 512×512.

12. Iconseeker


Iconseeker is an icon search engine that lets you find free icons of different sizes( <=16x16, 32x32, 48x48, 64x64, 128x128, >=256×256 ), you can download selected items as PNG, ICO or ICNS format directly.

13. Yahoo Images

Yahoo Images

Yahoo Images is an excellent alternative to Google Images, it’s a good place to find free icons on the Internet, for instance, searching camera png will show you thounds of camera photos with transparent background.

14. Naver Images

Find Cute Icons With Naver

Naver is the most famous search engine in South Korea, with the assistance of Google Translate we are capable of finding large amounts of high-quality and well designed icons created by South Koreans.

For example, we can search 과일 PNG with Naver to list hundreds of fruit icons with transparent background in PNG format, which can be easily converted to Windows icons or Macintosh icons.

15. Iconizer

Iconizer is a free service for searching and generating icons, it allows to select an image from the search result list and convert it to the following formats: ICO, PNG, JPEG, GIF and BMP. You can customize the foreground color, background color, icon size, constrain proportions and rotate angle of the output picture.