Top 10 Most Popular Free Online Cloud Storage Services

Online file storage services allow you to backup your files to the cloud, access them from any computer and share them with your family, friends or colleagues. Below is the list of 10 most popular free online cloud storage websites:

1. DropBox

DropBox - online file backup and sync service

DropBox provides 2GB of free storage which can be expanded to up to 18GB by inviting your friends to join and install it.

After download and install the free application for Windows, Mac, Linux or Mobile( iPad, iPhone, Kindle Fire, Android, BlackBerry ), DropBox will sync all the files and folders within the directory you selected to the cloud automatically, where it excels is that it supports versioning, DropBox will save a snapshot every time you modify a file, with this feature you can track your files over time and rollback them to a previous version.

Global rank: 126.

2. SkyDrive

SkyDrive - online file hosting website

SkyDrive is a free file hosting service offered by Microsoft, after registration you will get 7GB of free web space.

SkyDrive includes apps for Windows, Mac, iPhone, iPad and Android.

Global rank: 7.

3. Google Drive

Google Drive

Google Drive is a free online file storage and synchronization service that lets you backup, sync and share your documents, presentations, spreadsheets and other files for free.

Global rank: 1.

4. - secure online cloud storage lets you store and manage all your photos, documents, videos, music and other files safely in one place and never worry about losing them again.

With its 5GB of free storage, you are allowed to backup, sync, manage and share your precious files securely through the encrypted connection anywhere on any device.

Global rank: 1397.

5. Ubuntu One

Ubuntu One - Free Online Storage To Backup And Sync Your Files

Initially, Ubuntu One offers 5GB of free storage, it allows to backup and sync your files across Windows, Mac, Ubuntu, iPhone, iPad and Android systems.

Global rank: 1224.

6. Amazon Cloud Drive

Amazon Cloud Drive - free cloud storage

Amazon Cloud Drive gives you 5GB of storage for free, it lets you store your files in the cloud and access them from any computer.

Global rank: 10.

7. MediaFire

MediaFire - Free Online Storage

MediaFire is a file hosting and sharing service which offers 50GB of online storage for free, it lets you backup your files on its redundant cloud servers and access them from anywhere in the world.

Global rank: 102.

8. Yandex Disk

Yandex Disk - free online storage

Yandex Disk is a free online hard drive provide by, which is the largest website in Russia.

With its free desktop application you can backup and sync your important files and folders to its cloud storage automatically in the background, the application is available on Windows XP/7/8 RT, Mac OS X, iOS as well as Android.

Global rank: 5143.

9. 4shared

4shared - Free Cloud Drive

4shared is a cloud drive that provides 15GB web space for free. Besides the web interface, you can also upload or download your files with 4shared desktop, a free application for Windows, Mac & Linux.

If you log into your account frequently( no more than every 180 days ), your files will be stored forever, otherwise they will be removed.

Global rank: 115.

10. RapidShare

RapidShare - Free Online Cloud Storage

RapidShare is a popular cloud storage provider that offers its free account users unlimited storage space, with it you can backup, host and share your files online without spending a dime.

To prevent your files from being deleted( if you don’t have RapidPro ), you must login at least every 90 days.

Global rank: 211.