Top 15 Best Free Online Proxy WebSites To Unblock Any Site

If you have a slow connection to a certain website, or can’t access it at all because of the restriction of your ISP, workplace or school, or simply desired to protect yourself online by hiding your private information, then an online proxy website will help you.

With the assistance of an online proxy service, you do not access your target website( e.g. Facebook ) directly, you make a request, the web proxy fetch the web page( and encrypt its content, remove scripts and advertisements ), and send it back to your browser. This makes it possible to unblock any banned site, or surf any site anonymously without leaving your footprint.

We’ve collected 15 free, stable and reliable online proxy websites, as seen below.

1. 000FreeProxy

Web Proxy

000FreeProxy is an US based Web proxy service which enables you to surf the Web anonymously and access almost any blocked sites with ease.

2. kkProxy


kkProxy is a free and simple proxy site, its user interface is very clean and straightforward, and the connection speed is not bad.

3. MyAddr

MyAddr Online Proxy

MyAddr has a clean user interface, supports SSL/HTTPS connection, and has no traffic limit.

4. RX Proxy

RX Proxy

RX Proxy is a well-designed anonymizer that enables you to surf any website securely and privately, it will compress web pages with the gzip compression technology to save your bandwidth and increase your page load speed.

RX Proxy supports the HTTPS (SSL) protocol and basically any non-standard port.

5. AnonyMouse

AnonyMouse Proxy Service

AnonyMouse is a perfect solution for those Internet users who want to hide their online identity, it’s free, fast and easy.

6. Zend2

Online Anonymous Proxy

Zend2 lets you surf the Internet anonymously, it offers you the ability to access any website in the world.

7. NewIPNow

NewIPNow - Hide Your IP Online

Enjoy your uncensored and unrestricted Internet life with NewIPNow, it’s a multi-ip web proxy that lets you browse the Internet anonymously.

8. KProxy

KProxy - Unblock Any Website With Ease

KProxy is a reliable and stable online web proxy with over 7 years history, it supports Https protocol and allows to download files, making it an ideal service for those want to anonymously browse the Web without revealing their personal information.

9. Mega Proxy

Mega Proxy

Mega Proxy allows to browse up to 60 web pages in a 5 hour timeframe.

10. AD Free Proxy

AD Free Proxy

AD Free Proxy is an online proxy site that has no any advertisement banner.

In addition, it allows to change user agent and referrer according to your requirement,

11. Zend Proxy

Zend Proxy

Zend Proxy will help you to browse the Internet freely by bypassing any firewall and filter, it enables to encrypt your URLs and pages, remove cookies, javascripts and objects.

12. Bind2

Bind2 Proxy

With Bind2 you can surf the web anonymously, it allows to change your user agent by setting differnet operating system and browser including: Windows 7, Windows XP, Mac OS X, iPad, iPhone, Linux, Windows Phone, Android, BlackBerry, Symbian, FireFox, Opera, IE, Chrome, Safari, etc.

13. ProxFree

ProxFree - Free Proxy Site

ProxFree is a powerful web proxy service, you are allowed to change the server location between different countries inlcluding United States, United Kingdom and France. Furthermore, it lets you change your IP address location between different cities.

To browse the Web more privately and securely, it’s recommended to switch to SSL connection with ProxFree.

14. Unblock Proxy

Unblock Proxy

Unblock Proxy is a free web-based proxy that enables to access any blocked website including FaceBook, YouTube, Twitter, Bebo, Google and eBubby, etc.

15. HideMyAss


HideMyAss is a completely free web proxy that lets you hide your IP address and protect your privacy.

16. DaveProxy( no longer available )


DaveProxy is a reliable UK based proxy service that has no popup advertisement. If you can not access a certain website located at United Kingdom, DaveProxy is designed for you.

17. Bing Proxy

Bing Proxy

Bing Proxy is an ad-free proxy powered by Google App Engine, with it you can bypass any network restriction and censorship.


Free Online Proxy

Free-Online-Proxy is similar to 000FreeProxy, it’s free, fast and secure.


To improve your online security along with no advertisement and traffic limit, maybe you should think of purchasing a VPN account, or building a VPN server of your own.