Top 25 Websites To Find Free Stock Images In High Resolution

To design your book cover, advertisements or websites with high quality and high resolution photos, you might need to buy stock photos from 500px, Shutterstock, SmugMug, Dreamstime or 123RF. But not everyone could afford for that, luckily, there are many sites allows to download stock pictures and use them on commercial projects without spend a cent.

Below is the 25 best sites to find free stock photos in high resolution:

1. Pixabay

Pixabay - Best Free Stock Photos Site

Pixabay is the best free images website to get high quality photographs, after registration, you can download unlimited number of high definition stock photos, wallpapers and clipart from it.

All photos downloaded from Pixabay are copyright free, thus can be used for any purpose include commercial use.

2. Kozzi

Kozzi - Free Photos For Commercial Use

Kozzi enables to download over 50,000 high resolution stock images and clipart in the following dimensions: 416×312 px( XS Standard ), 832×624 px( S Standard ),1672×1255 px( M Standard ), 2250×1688 px( L Standard ), 3285×2465 px( XL Standard ).

3. A Digital Dreamer

A Digital Dreamer

This royalty free stock photography collection consists of 1000+ high resolution images of Animals and Insects, Careers, Jobs, Industries, Clouds and Sky, Fire, Fire Balls, Flames, Landscapes and Scenery, Architecture and Buildings, etc.

4. DreamsTime


The free section of DreamsTime features over 600,000 free photographs.

5. Stock.XCHNG


Stock.XCHNG contains over 390,000 quality stock photos:

  • World: Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia, North America, South America, Middle East, London, New York, Paris, Tokyo, Berlin, Budapest, Amsterdam, Sydney, Rio de Janeiro, Los Angeles, Rome;
  • Nature: Water, Fire, Snow, Sunsets, Skies and Clouds, Rocks, Flowers, Plants, Trees and Bushes, Animals, Animals / Mammals, Animals / Birds, Animals , Fish, Animals / Insects, Animals / Reptiles, Landscapes, Landscapes / Rivers, Landscapes / Mountains, Landscapes / Plains, Landscapes / Coastlines, L, ndscapes / Forests, Pets, Pets / Cats, Pets / Dogs, Seasons / Winter, Seasons / Spring, Seasons / Summer, Seasons / Autumn;
  • Business: General, People, Meetings, Offices, Workplaces, Money;

6. Flickr


Flickr allows to search photos with the Creative Commons license in its library which has more than 5,000,000,000 photos.

7. Photl


Photl lets free registered users download more than 507,000 stock photos in the resolution of 1920×1280 px( 300dpi ) or 849×565 px( 300dpi ). Each account could download up to 10 Mb of images daily.

8. Wikimedia Commons

Wikimedia Commons

There’re over 14,000,000 freely usable images, videos and sounds in this database, you can browse them by license type: Creative Commons licenses, GFDL or Public domain.

9. Stockvault


Stockvault offers over 34,000 free stock photos.

10. Google Image Search

Google Image Search

Google Images enables to search photos and clip art by defining the search criteria with 5 different usage rights:

  • Not filtered by license.
  • Free to use or share.
  • Free to use or share, even commercially.
  • Free to use share or modify.
  • Free to use, share or modify, even commercially.

In addition, you can filter the search result with different image sizes: Any size, Large, Medium, Icon, Larger than a certain resolution, Exactly equal to a certain resolution.

11. Free Images Collection

Free Images Collection

Free Images Collection provides over 1,300 free images that can be used for commercial and non-commercial purposes.

Each photo contains the following sizes: small ( 400 x 267px ), medium ( 800 x 534px ), large ( 1600 x 1067px ), extra large ( 3000 x 2000px ).

It contains these categories: Animals, Backgrounds, Beverages, Concepts, Designs, Electronics, Gardens-fields, Festivals-culture, Finance-and-money, Flowers-closeup, Food, Fruits, Landscapes, Leaves-closeup, Logo, Nature, Objects, Others, People, Plants, Rural, Sky, Structures, Sun, Symbols, Transport, Vegetables, Water.

12. RGB Stock

RGB Stock

There are over 75,000 completely free stock photos on RGB Stock, most of them have a resolution bigger than 2000 x 1500 px.

13. FreeRangeStock


All images on FreeRangeStock are larger than 2400 x 1600 pixels, and can be used for personal and commercial projects.

14. MorgueFile


MorgueFile offers over 274,000 high resolution stock pictures, you can download, copy, distribute, transmit and modify them freely.

15. StockFreeImages

Stock Free Images

StockFreeImages lets you access over 679,000 royalty-free stock photos, images and illustrations without cost a dime.

16. Public Domain Pictures

Public Domain Pictures

This is a repository for high quality images in public domain, it has over 25,000 pictures.

17. Foter


With Foter you can search through and download over 227,000,000 free stock photos.

18. Free Stock Photos

Free Stock Photos

This website has over 15,000 free stock photos and clip art in the following subjects: Abstract, Animals, Backgrounds, Borders, Buildings, Business, Buttons, Clip Art, Computers, Designs, Education, Events, Food, Health, Holidays, Industry, Landscapes, Men, Nature, Objects, People, Recreation, Religion, Special Events, Sports, Symbols, Technology, Themes, Transportation, Travel, Women.

19. Free Photos Bank

Free Photos Bank

A free site that lets you download free stock images uploaded by various photographers.

20. Photos Public Domain

Photos Public Domain

All of the photos, clipart here are in public domain, which means that you can use and modify them on websites, advertisements( flyers, posters, brochures), powerpoint presentations, book covers for free.

21. Free Pixels

Free Pixels

Free Pixels allows to obtain over 5,000 full size stock images for free.

22. PublicPhoto


PublicPhoto provides over 22,000 free stock photos in public domain, you are allowed to download and use them freely without ask for permission. Whether you are a Web designer or illustrator, it’s for you.

23. Pixel Perfect Digital

Pixel Perfect Digital

All the stock photos on Pixel Perfect Digital are provided under the Creative Commons Attribution license.

24. Photogen


Photogen lets you download high resolution and ready to use images in JPEG format.

25. AlegriPhotos


AlegriPhotos is a place which offers free stock pictures in these categories: Abstract, Architecture, Business, Food, Industrial, Interiors, Nature, Science, Sports and Recreation, Transportation, Travel, Textures.

26. Free Big Pictures

Free Big Pictures

Free Big Pictures offers high resolution stock photos which were taken using a 10 megapixel digital SLR camera.

With Free Big Pictures, you can obtain perfect images of winter, autumn, spring, summer, mountains, forests, rivers, lakes, trees, clouds, sunsets, roads, flowers, plants, butterflies or horses.

27. Free Photo Galeries

Free Photo Galeries

Free Photo Galeries lets you download free stock photos without watermark and use them anywhere, for example, t-shirt prints, advertising, magazines,websites.

28. Census Multimedia Gallery

Census Multimedia Gallery

Census Multimedia Gallery offers ready-to-publish photos to news media and public information products.