How to resize an image to the exact proportion or dimension without losing quality

Suppose that you’ve taken a photo with your digital camera or mobile phone, and want to set this image as your Windows or Mac desktop wallpaper. In most cases, the proportion of your image will not match the proportion of your desktop, you can resize it with MS paint and keep the original proportion, however, it’s almost impossible to crop and resize it to match the proportion of your monitor with MS paint, it’s too simple to accomplish this task.

If you have Adobe Photoshop installed, you can perform the resizing quickly, however, it’s not necessary to bother Photoshop, since there’re many online services now, you can use them to crop and resize your image in a few seconds, and it’s as easy as pie, even if you are a newbie to computer, you can use them without any problem. is the best online image resizer presently, it’s not an image editor, but if all you need to do is crop and resize an image, you’ll find that it stacks up against other tools out there, after all, no one online image editor is better than Photoshop, and you should not expect that they will.

On, you can crop an image to the extract pixels you specified, for instance, 1920×1080 pixels, 1366×768 pixels, 1280×800 pixels, 1440×900 pixels, 1680×1050 pixels, or 5120×2880 pixels( the iMac with Retina 5K display ).

If your photo is taken with digital camera and it’s far larger than the resolution of your monitor, you can crop your image with the “Fixed Aspect Ratio” selection type, for instance, setting it to 1366:768 allows to crop your images to 1366×768 pixels, 1708×960, 2732×1536, 5464×3072 or other sizes, all of them has an aspect ratio of 1366:768, which means that you can set this photo as your desktop without distortion.

Using this feature offered by, you can easily crop any image to match any proportion and dimensions: facebook cover photos, twitter cover photos, YouTube cover photos, instagram cover photos, Pinterest cover photos, Linkedin cover photos.

After you’ve made a selection, simply press “Crop” to crop your photo.

Then you can resize you image by percentage, or resize it to be exactly the size you specified, it even enables you to optimize your image to reduce the file size of it! supports JPEG, BMP, Animated GIF and PNG format, you can resize and optimize your animated GIFs without losing animation, resize your PNGs without losing transparency, and compress your JPEGs with progressive compression method, which is highly recommended for images used on websites.

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