Top 20 Most Popular Music Websites

We’ve rounded up 20+ most popular music sites that let you listen to music online, download MP3 music legally for free, or discover similar songs, artists and albums to the ones you like.

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1. Pandora


Pandora is an online radio service that will recommend similar artists and songs to your favourite ones. If you like the album or song you are listening to, you can buy it directly at iTunes, Amazon or other online retailers with a simple click.

Global rank: 267.

2. Grooveshark


Grooveshark is a free music streaming website, on it you can create your own playlists, share them with others, and subscribe to the playlists of other people, it’s a good alternative to Pandora.

Global rank: 967.

3. is a popular music site which will recommend you similar songs based on your taste.

Global rank: 915.

4. Google Music

Google Music

Google Music lets you discover and purchase millions of songs, store them in the cloud and listen to them on your mobile device from anywhere, anytime.

Global rank: 1.

5. iTunes


iTunes lets you buy and download legal music, movies and more online.

Global rank: 35.

6. Tunein


On you can listen to online music radio stations in these genres: Adult Contemporary, Blues, Christmas, Classical, College, Country, Decades, Easy Listening, Electronic-Dance, Hip Hop, Jazz, Oldies, Recorded Sessions, Religious, Rock, Soul, Spanish, Specialty, Top 40-Pop, World.

Global rank: 1463.

7. Amazon MP3 Store

Amazon MP3 Store

Amazon MP3 Store lets you browse and buy over 20 million songs and store them in Amazon Cloud Drive for streaming to your computer or mobile device like Kindle Fire, iPad, Mac, PC, etc.

If you are a US customer, you can download over 56,000 songs for free without spending a dime.

Global rank: 9.

8. Spotify


Spotify lets you listen to millions of songs on your desktop, laptop, mobile device like iPad, iPhone or Android device for free.

Global rank: 1364.

9. SoundCloud


SoundCloud is an online audio community that lets you record, share, discover and listen to music online.

Global rank: 206.

10. iHeart


On iHeart you can listen to over 1500 online radio stations in the following genres: 80s & 90s Hits, Alternative, Artist-Hosted Stations, Christian & Gospel, Classic Rock, Classical, College Radio, Comedy, Country, Dance, Hip Hop and R&B, Holiday, Jazz, Mix & Variety, Oldies, Reggae & Island, Rock, Soft Rock, Spanish, Top 40 & Pop, World, Personalities.

Global rank: 2427.

11. 8tracks


8tracks lets you listen to Internet radio stations curated by music lovers and musicians.

Global rank: 3992.

12. Jango


Jango is a music website which allows to listen to hundreds of genre radio stations online, in addition, it enables to create your own radio station by picking your favourite artists.

Global rank: 4224.

13. ShoutCast


On you can listen to more than 49,000 Internet radio stations for free.

Global rank: 5547.

14. Live365


Live365 lets users listen to over 5000 Internet radio stations run by real music lovers and live broadcasters.

Global rank: 5931.


This is a free Internet radio service that allows to listen to over 40 free radio channels online without registration.

Global rank: 6882.

16. Myspace Music

Myspace Music

Myspace Music enables to discover new bands, artists and listen to full length songs for free online.

Global rank: 208.

17. Rhapsody


Rhapsody is a paid music service that allows to listen to over 16 million songs for $5 a month.

Global rank: 8962.

18. eMusic


A paid music service to discover and download over 17 million tracks.

Global rank: 8318.

19. Rdio


This is a paid music streaming service which enables to access to millions of songs on your browser or smartphone.

Global rank: 7211.

20. Yahoo Music

Yahoo Music

A music website provided by Yahoo.

Global rank: 4.

21. AOL Music

AOL Music

AOL Music allows to read music news, play full albums online and download MP3 music legally for free.

Global rank: 69.

22. MSN Music

MSN Music

MSN Music delivers the latest music news, artists and albums information.

Global rank: 17.

23. Songza


On Songza you can listen to music crafted by music experts who know and love music.

Global rank: 10636.