Top 20 Online Alarm Clocks

When you are on your trip, an online alarm clock is handy in situations where you forget to bring your smartphone, or its loudspeaker doesn’t work. We’ve gathered 20 free online alarm clocks, feel free to pick your favourite one from the list.

To set a custom mp3 song or voice as the alarm music, you can record it with SoundCloud, make the track autoplay from a widget, copy and paste the widget code to an empty local file( e.g. file:///H:/folder1/music.htm ) or your blog / website, then let the alarm clock open the URL in a new tab.

Here’re the alarm clocks which allows to open an external URL when it rings: Simple Timer(2), Clock2D(7), Time-in(15), OnLiveClock(16), TabAlarm(20).

1. TimeAndDate Online Timer

TimeAndDate Online Timer

This is a free to use website that can handle multiple online timers, there’re 10 preset tunes available, among them I prefer “Alarm 2″, other tunes are too short.

The timer is also available on iPhone and iPad, but will cost you $0.99.

2. Simple Timer( FireFox )

Alarm Clock Plugin For FireFox

Simple Timer is an alarm timer plugin for FireFox browser that allows you to set your own tunes as the ringtone, it can be found on the add-on bar after installation, you can right click on the icon to set up your preference or add / delete a notification.

Simple Timer allows to set multiple alarm clocks, each clock can be set to run only once or repeatedly( daily, weekdays, weekend, or Monday / Tuesday / Wednesday / Thursday / Friday / Saturday / Sunday ).

It supports 3 notification types: audio notification, popup notification and dialog notification, the audio notification enables to play a preset ringtone( alarm clock, fanfare, chrimes ) or a custom audio file in wav or ogg format on your local hard drive( Online-Convert can be used to convert a mp3 file to ogg format online quickly for free ).

You can also select a favourite song from YouTube and let the alarm clock open the URL in a new tab automatically when it rings.

3. Talking Alarm Clock( Chrome )

Online Alarm Clock Extension For Chrome

Talking Alarm Clock supports up to two alarm clocks, it provides 8 preset sound tracks, in addition, it could speak a custom phrase after the ringtone using the Text to Speech technology.

4. Kukuklok

Kukuklok Online Alarm Clock

Kukuklok is the easiest to use alarm clock, it will still work even if the Internet connection is down, the user interface is straightforward and self explaining, any one can set an alarm in a few seconds, there’re 5 preset ringtones available: cockerel, classic clock, electronic, slayer guitar and military trumpet.

5. Timer-Tab

Timer-Tab Online Alarm Clock

This online service is very simple, it enables you to start an alarm clock, stopwatch or countdown with a few mouse clicks, it allows to customize the YouTube URL and background image to your prefered ones, when the alarm is triggered, the specified YouTube video will be played to wake you up.

6. Music Alarm Clock

Music Alarm Clock

With Music Alarm Clock, you can set up an alarm clock which will rings up by playing a radio or melody, there are 14 radio stations available, inlcuding,, BBC World Service, etc.

7. Clock2D

Clock2D Online Alarm Clock

Clock2D is a flash based website, it enables to specify a MP3 music on a remote server to play for alarm sound, it also offers you the ability to listen to radio online.

8. Online Music Alarm

Online Music Alarm Clock

Online Music Alarm supports more than 10 alarm clocks, each one will help you to get up by play a movie from YouTube.

9. is the most stable and reliable online alarm timer, it has a history of more than 6 years, this online application is easy to use and highly customizable, you can set up an alarm clock with only 4 mouse clicks, the font size and background color can also be altered with ease.

10. Video Alarm Clock

Video Alarm Clock

Video Alarm Clock will wake you up with a YouTube movie you selected.

Apparently, you can turn custom text to voice and save it as a mp3 file, then upload it to YouTube, and finally set the video as the alarm ringtone.

11. Wakerupper


Wakerupper lets you schedule a reminder telephone call for free, you can type a short message on its website and Wakerupper will include in it the call.

12. OnlineVideoClock

Online Video Clock

As its name suggests, Online Video Clock enables to set an alarm timer that will wake you up with a video on YouTube. In addition, it allows to set the snooze interval, change the theme style and preview the video clip in advance.

13. Online Alarm Clock by Online Stopwatch

Online Alarm Clock

This is an online alarm clock provided by Online Stopwatch, in my opinion it’s hard to use.

14. MetaClock


MetaClock recently revamped its user interface, it now allows to upload your own tunes, with it you can set up a new alarm clock in 4 steps.

15. Time-in

Time-in Alarm Clock

This online countdown timer lets you set time reminders with a Youtube URL, optionally, you can set the message text to be popped up.

16. OnLiveClock


OnLiveClock is another online alarm clock, where it’s different from its competitors is that, it allows to speak out a custom message with human voice when the clock rings, and the ringtone will be played iteratively until you turn off it.

17. OnlineAlarmKlok

Online Alarm Klok

This is another simple alarm clock for waking you up with a video on Youtube, unfortunately, if the network connection is lost when the alarm clock rings, the video will not be played.

18. AlarmClock4u

Online Alarm Clock For You

This flash based app supports 2 alarm clocks, it has 20 preset tunes.

19. TimeMe StopWatch

TimeMe StopWatch

This online stopwatch can count up or down, play a tune for a single time or permanently .

20. TabAlarm( FireFox )


TabAlarm is a simple FireFox add-on designed to do only one thing: open the URL you assigned in a new tab at the time you set, so you can let it play a certain video on Youtube, Hulu or similar sites to wake you up.

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So which one do you like most? Personally I prefer this free Windows software: Stickies, it allows to add multiple sticky notes on the desktop( or sleep them until alarm sounds ), with the help of it, you will not miss any important event, I even use it to remind me to change the toothbrush every 3 month!