Top 20 Most Popular Online Pharmacies & Drugstores In USA

There’re lots of pharmacies on the Web, shopping drugs online and let them get delivered to your front door will save you much time and make life easier, but many of them are fake ones. We’ve rounded up the 20 most popular online pharmacies and drugstores in America, they’re either big chain of pharmacy store or big chain of retail store, many of them are big brands, if you do not trust a certain one of them, you can check its profile on Wikipedia or its user reviews on Yelp.

Top 20 Most Popular Online Pharmacies & Drugstores In USA

1. Walgreens

Walgreens is the NO.1 pharmacy chain in America which has more than 8,000 retail drugstores. On you can request new prescription, refill or transfer prescriptions online, you can either pick up your medications at the Walgreens store you specified, or let them ship it to your home at no cost.

2. CVS Pharmacy

CVS Pharmacy is the NO.2 drug retailing chain in USA that operates over 7,000 drug stores. On you can order the prescription refills anywhere, anytime. It allows to use your ExtraCare card online, and it works even if you have lost the paper prescription written by your doctor.

3. Rite Aid Pharmacy

Rite Aid is an US-based drugstore chain which has more than 4,000 drug stores, it’s the NO.3 pharmacy chain in America, on its website users could chat to pharmacists and ask them questions, refill prescriptions, or browse drug information.

4. Express Scripts

Express Scripts is a Fortune 100 company, on you can order prescription drugs quickly and easily at home, and let them ship your drugs to your door for free.

5. Walmart

With you can order prescription drugs, medical equipments, Vitamins, pet prescriptions and get delivered to your home without cost a cent.

6. Target

Target is an alternative to Walmart, on the official website of this retailing company you can also set up and manage your prescriptions quickly.

7. Costco Pharmacy

It lets you refill your costco pharmacy prescriptions and pick up them at the warehouse.

8. Kmart Pharmacy Prescription Center Online enables to fill, refill and transfer your prescriptions online, you can get 5-20% off for brand-name prescriptions and 5-35% off for generic prescriptions, the prescription drugs you order today will be at your doorstep tomorrow.

9. Safeway enables to buy prescriptions and travel medicine online.

10. Meijer Pharmacy

This hypermarket chain was founded in 1934, allows to purchase prescriptions online, and accept all major insurance plans.

11. Kroger Pharmacy

Kroger Pharmacy has nearly 2,000 retail pharmacies in USA, on its website users can fill prescriptions, buy pet medications, or browse drug infromation and health information.

12. Publix Pharmacy

Publix Super Markets was founded in 1930, it has over 800 pharmacies. Publix Pharmacy accept most major insurance plans, offers a variety of prescriptions for free, and offers health screenings as well.

13. Shoprite Pharmacy

Shoprite Pharmacy is another website that enables users to order refills of their prescriptions and check drug interactions online.

14. Fred Meyer Pharmacy

Fred Meyer was founded in 1922, it accepts most mainstream insurance plans including WellPoint, Blue Cross / Blue Shield, Anthem, etc.

15. H-E-B Online

HEB( HEB Grocery Company ) is a supermarket chain that has over 300 retail stores in USA, offers discounts on all generic medications, brand name medications, immunizations medications, and pet medications. HEB provides free home delivery for two or more prescriptions.

16. Stop & Shop Pharmacy

Stopandshop enables to refill prescriptions and ask a pharmacist online, it accepts almost all major insurance plans: Express Scripts, AARP/United Healthcare, CVS/Caremark, Anthem, Aetna, Medco, etc.

17. HyVee

HyVee is an USA-based company that has over 200 supermarkets, HyVee Pharmacy allows to buy prescription medicine online without login, and it offers hundreds of generic prescriptions at very low prices.

18. Giant Eagle

This supermarket chain enables to buy perscription drugs online with discounts, and it provides more pharmacy services such as immunizations and FastCare.

19. Dominicks

On the website of this grocery store chain, you can buy prescriptions online, it accepts most insurance plans, medicare parts B & D, worker’s compensation, and express scripts plan coverage.

20. The Winn-Dixie Pharmacy

Winn-Dixie is a supermarket chain in America, Winn-Dixie Pharmacy offers $4 generics plan, besides filling prescriptions, it offers more useful services including immunizations, medication counseling as well as preventive health screenings.

21. is an online pharmacy owned by Walgreens, it’s one of the legally online drugstores that have been verified by VIPPS( Verified Internet Pharmacy Practice Sites ).