Top 30 Online Question And Answer Sites

A few years ago, we asked questions and got answers at usenet or online communities, nowadays we can get better answers from Q&A( Question And Answer ) websites. A Q&A site usually allows users to promote or demote an answer by clicking the vote button, this will make it distinct which answer is best or most helpful.

The following list is 30 best online Q&A sites to get your questions answered.

1. Microsoft Answers( Windows, Office, etc. )

Microsoft Answers

Do you know where to download Windows 7 legally for free? Here is the answer from Microsoft Answers.

Microsoft Answers is a Q&A site devoted to Microsoft products and services, such as Windows 7, Windows 8, Office, Office for Mac, Internet Explorer, Windows Phone, Windows Live Messenger, SkyDrive, Virus and Malware.

2. Avvo( Health & Law )


Avvo offers you the opportunity to get advice from professional lawyers, doctors and dentists without spending a cent.

The health topics include: flu, hypertension, myopia, back pain, CT Scan, MRI, teeth whitening, dentures, migraine, food poisoning, breast augmentation, acne, anemia, angina, yeast infection, type 2 diabetes, etc.

The legal topics include: real estate, traffic ticket, contracts, personal injury, criminal defense, etc.

Healthcare Magic is a paid alternative to Avvo.

3. HealthTap( Health )


HealthTap allows to ask a doctor online for free, you can get answers from over 15000 US-licensed physicians.

You can ask any topic about health, for example: Electrocardiogram, Chest X-ray, Hepatitis B vaccine, HDL cholesterol, Total cholesterol, Hay fever, Flu shot.

HealthTap is also available on iPhone, iPad and Android.

4. Answers OnStartups( Business )


Are you planning to start a new company or run a new business? Answers OnStartups is for you, you can ask any questions about startup and get suggestions from other guys online for free at this site, for example, how to bill customers in Australia without having a company there?

Related website: KickStarter.

5. Yahoo Answers( General )

Yahoo Answers

Yahoo Answers is the hottest Q&A website in the world, since there are so many users online, you will probably get several replies to your question in a few minutes.

You can ask any question on any topic: Arts & Humanities, Beauty & Style, Business & Finance, Cars & Transportation, Computers & Internet, Consumer Electronics, Dining Out, Education & Reference, Entertainment & Music, Environment, Family & Relationships, Food & Drink, Games & Recreation, Health, Home & Garden, Local Businesses, News & Events, Pets, Politics & Government, Pregnancy & Parenting, Science & Mathematics, Social Science, Society & Culture, Sports, Travel.

6. StackOverflow( Programming )


StackOverflow is the best Q&A site for software developers, it’s one of my most favorite sites.

The covered topics include: iOS, iPhone, iPad, Android, C++, Objective C, PHP, Java, Javascript, Ajax, Python, HTML, HTML5, CSS, MatLab, MySQL,, etc.

7. ChaCha( General )


ChaCha lets you get answers to any question on the web or through iPhone, iPad and Android without spending a dime.

8. Quora( General )


Quora is a question-and-answer website that aims to let you know everything you desire to know about, it’s co-founded by two former Facebook employees, Adam D’Angelo and Charlie Cheever( via ).

9. Superuser( Computer )


Superuser lets you ask for and give advice on advanced computer tricks, for example, compare the contents of two directories on a Macintosh, download videos from YouTube with subtitles, get the distinct values in a column in Excel, etc.

10. Server Fault( Linux & Windows Server Management )

Server Fault

It’s a collaboratively Q&A website for server managers, if you are a small hosting supplier, a website owner, or a server management expert, then this is your place! Anybody could ask questions on server management related subjects, including but not limited to: Linux, CentOS, RedHat, Apache, Nginx, MySQL, PHP, VMWare, Virtualization, FireWall, SSH, DNS, PowerShell, SSL.

11. Ask Ubuntu( Ubuntu )

Ask Ubuntu

Ubuntu is a widely used Linux distro, it’s mainly targeted at personal computers. Ask Ubuntu is a Q&A website for Ubuntu users and developers, anyone can ask anything about Ubuntu( e.g. gnome, wireless, dual-boot, wine ) at this community without registration.

12. JustAnswer( General, Paid )


JustAnswer is a paid Question-and-Answer website which allows to ask questions and get answers from verified specialists online, you could ask medical questions, legal questions, financial questions, bankruptcy questions from lawyers and doctors online.

13. Ask Answers( General )

Ask Answers

Ask Answers is a Yahoo Answers replacement, this Q&A Community lets you ask questions on almost any subject, for instance, job interview tips, health care, electrical engineering education.

14. Mathematics( Math )


Mathematics is a Q&A site which discuss everything about math: calculus, linear algebra, geometry, functional analysis, statistics, logic, matrices, differential equations, complex analysis, etc.

If you are interested in math, it’s the site for you, regardless of whether you are an amateur or a professional.

15. Formspring( General )


Formspring allows to ask any question and post it to Facebook and Twitter simultaneously, Formspring mobile application is available on iPhone, iPad and Android.

16. Wiki Answers( General )

Wiki Answers

Wiki Answers enables you to sign with Facebook and post your questions to the community, there’re hundreds of categories and subcategories to choose from: Animal Life, Business & Finance, Cars & Vehicles, Entertainment & Arts, Food & Cooking, Health, Jobs & Education, Law & Legal Issues, Technology, and so on.

17. AllExperts Questions & Answers( General )

AllExperts Questions & Answers

AllExperts lets you ask questions and get answers from real people online, to ask a question on AllExperts, you must choose an expert at first, optionally, you can keep the question private.

18. Answerbag( General )


Answerbag is a website similar to Yahoo Answers, you could ask questions or create polls on any topic, or share your opinions and experiences with others.

19. Blurtit( General )


Another site to ask a question and get free answers online.

20. LinkedIn Answers( General )


LinkedIn Answers is a question and answer site especially targeted at business & finance topics.

21. Reddit Answers( General )

Reddit Answers

Reddit Answers claims to be a knowledgebase built on reddit, it does not focus on any specific subject.

22. AOL Answers( General )

AOL Answers

AOL Answers is a Q&A website owned by, it covers almost everything, for example, mathematics, physics, health, medicine, history, trivia, chemistry, religion, cooking, recipes, dating, dating tips, poetry, luxury cars, music, radio, movies, gifts for her / him, diet & fitness, personal finance, taxes, pets, travel, etc.

23. Rediff Q&A( General )


This site let users ask questions and get answers on any subject online for free.

24. Experts Exchange( Technology, Paid )

Experts Exchange

Experts Exchange is a paid question and answer site for technology related problems, it covers the topics including programming( C#, Java, Javascript, ASP.NET, etc. ), web development, Internet, database, computer hardware, virus & spyware, and so on.

It will cost you $12.95 per month to get tech support from IT experts.

25. Amazon Askville( General )

Amazon Askville

Askville is powered by the online retail giant Amazon, anyone can login with his/her Amazon account to post a question at it.

26. Trulia Voices( Real Estate and Locals )

Trulia Voices

Trulia Voices is a community which you can get real estate and locals advice from, the popular locations include: New York, Miami, Boston, Chicago, Atlanta, etc.

27. General ) is a conversational Q&A service.

28. FixYa( General )


FixYa is a platform to find solutions for everything.

29. Arqade( Video Games )


Arqade is a Q&A site for video games on all platforms including PC, PS3, X-box 360, X-box Live, etc. You can discuss any video games like Borderlands 2, Torchlight II, World of Warcraft on Arqade.

30. AskMeFast( General )


An online Q&A site which usually has more than 2000 community experts online.

31. VYou( General )

VYou is a video Q&A platform where you can get answers in short-form video.

32. Piazza( For Students )

Piazza is an online gathering place for students and their instructors.

33. Pearl( General, Paid )

Pearl enables you to talk with verified experts including doctors, lawyers, mechanics, veterinarians, computer technicians, electronics professionals, home repair professionals and life professional online.

Below is the popular Q&A sites in some other countries: