Top 20 Online Alarm Clocks

When you are on your trip, an online alarm clock is handy in situations where you forget to bring your smartphone, or its loudspeaker doesn’t work. We’ve gathered 20 free online alarm clocks, feel free to pick your favourite one from the list.

To set a custom mp3 song or voice as the alarm music, you can record it with SoundCloud, make the track autoplay from a widget, copy and paste the widget code to an empty local file( e.g. file:///H:/folder1/music.htm ) or your blog / website, then let the alarm clock open the URL in a new tab.

Here’re the alarm clocks which allows to open an external URL when it rings: Simple Timer(2), Clock2D(7), Time-in(15), OnLiveClock(16), TabAlarm(20). Continue reading