Top 20 Best Search Engines

There’re dozens of free Internet search engines available online to help you find exactly what you require, below is a collection of the 20 most popular search engines we’ve collected for you.

1. Google

Google search engine

This most popular search engine enables to search web, books, applications, flights, recipes, places, discussions, news, images, videos, maps, blogs, patents, scholarly papers and products across the whole Internet.

In most cases, Google will return the most relevant results for your search queries compared to its competitors such as Bing, Yandex and Yahoo.

2. Yandex English

Yandex English search engine

Yandex is a search giant in Russia, is the English version of, it lets you search articles, images and videos across the entire Internet, it’s an excellent alternative to Google, Bing and Yahoo search.

Sometimes Yandex will provide a better search experience than Google.

3. Bing

Bing search engine

Bing lets you search information in these categories: web, music, movies, news, maps, images, videos, entertainment, events, social, math, friends’ photos, local, weather, dictionary, shopping, travel( flights, hotels ).

In some cases, Bing will return more accurate and relevant results than Google.

4. Yahoo Search

Yahoo Search

Yahoo Search is one of the most popular search portal, with it you can search web, images, videos, apps, news, answers, directory, sports, finance, blog, local stores and restaurants.

5. DuckDuckGo

DuckDuckGo search engine

DuckDuckGo will show you all results in one page, letting you scroll down to load more items without clicking the “next page” link.

6. Teoma

Teoma search engine

Teoma was unique because of its link popularity algorithm. Unlike Google’s PageRank, Teoma’s technology (Subject-Specific Popularity) analyzed links in context to rank a web page’s importance within its specific subject. For instance, a web page about “baseball” would rank higher if other web pages about “baseball” link to it.

Many parts of Teoma’s relevancy algorithm were based on the methodology IBM developed for its CLEVER project.( via Wikipedia )

7. Go


With you only need to type 5 characters in the address bar, it will redirect you to to represent your search results.

8. Blekko

Blekko search engine

This spam-free search engine has no advertisement on the search result page, and lets you filter the search results with slashtags like travel, recipes, programming, smallbusiness, sports, money, broadway, diy, handbags, perfumes, gardening, health, colleges, hotels, architecture, beauty, parenting, music, cocktails, wine, games, american-history, arts, define, holidays, appliances, religion, apple and astronomy.

9. Infospace

Infospace search engine

Infospace will bring you all search results from the best search engines including Google, Yandex as well as Yahoo.

10. Lycos

Lycos search engine

Lycos enables to search web, images, weather, videos, news and products on the Internet.

11. Ask

Ask is a well-known search engine which has its own index database.

12. Dogpile

Dogpile search engine

It’s a useful free search engine powered by Google, Yandex and Yahoo.

13. WebCrawler

WebCrawler search engine

Using this simple search engine you can get search results from Google and Yahoo in one place.

14. Info

Info search engine

With you can search web, topics, online references, jobs, images, products, news, video, classifieds, white pages, heath, flights & hotels and yellow pages on the World Wide Web.

15. Ixquick

Ixquick search engine

Ixquick is a private search engine that will not record or share your personal information.

In addition, it allows to search the telephone numbers of people and companies, or do a reverse search with a telephone number you specified.

16. MyWebSearch

MyWebSearch search engine

MyWebSearch is a popular search engine powered by Google.


This metasearch engine lets you search the web, images, video, directory, software, products, people, games, music, movies, TV shows and news for free.

18. GoodSearch

GoodSearch search engine

GoodSearch is a fast and efficient search engine powered by Yahoo.

19. EntireWeb

EntireWeb search engine

EntireWeb is a web, images and realtime search engine, for each search result, it will show preview thumbnail of the webpage at the left side of its URL.

The realtime search function lets you search the trending topics from Twitter.

20. MetaCrawler

MetaCrawler search engine

This free search engine will show you search results from Google, Yahoo and Yandex.